Episode #31 The Value Driven Brand Podcast With Presentations Expert, Ryan Warriner.

Ryan Warriner

The Value Driven Brand Podcast With Ryan Warriner, Author of ‘The Effective Presenter: The Winning Formula for Professional Presentations’.

Ryan Warriner is a Professor of Communication as well as the Director and Executive Coach of Professional Presentation Services. With over a decade of professional speaking experience and expertise, Ryan has mastered the art and science of enhancing communication. He has developed a compassionate, strategic, highly effective approach to navigate professional communication. He believes in systematic skill development to improve confidence, optimize messaging, and enhance overall delivery. He lives in Toronto, Canada and has offices in California, as well as New York.
Tune in to watch the full insights and learn from Ryan as he discusses the tactics, he coaches Professionals around the world in how to master communication and use it to become influential.

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