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Virtual CX GM & Consulting

Let Aileen guide your scaling business in CUSTOMER. EMPLOYEE. HUMAN. EXPERIENCE. #CEHX. This is where you change the game.

One To One

One to one personalised mentoring. Where delivering a value driven brandyou is the name of the game.

Corporate Planning Days

Have your business planned and focused with facilitated planning and strategy days customised to your needs.

MOMENTUM Business Accelerator Group

The MBA every person in business needs. Accountability. Leadership. Support.

Learning and Development

Workshops (online and in person) are facilitated regularly to help you and your business create a value driven brand.

Speaking Engagements - Virtual/ In Person

Need to hear and learn more about creating a value driven brand and implementing great CEHX? Then learn more about booking your customised speaking engagement.

your Virtual Customer Experience General Manager

Need help leading the charge on CX but not sure where to start, what to do or how to do it? You can now apply to have Aileen Day, Australia’s leading practitioner in all aspects of customer experience to mentor your scaling business to gain the trust and loyalty that takes you from a business to a value driven brand. This offer is category specific and observes a commitment of 12 months. Aileen will lead you through the tactical and pragmatic activities customised to your business with packages starting for less than the average cost of a retail manager.

It’s time we in business understand the finer details on what it means to deliver a customer experience worthy of our customer’s loyalty from the outside in.

It’s also time to stop talking and get on walking. If you want to take your business and create a value driven brand that makes you the hero in your industry then Aileen Day is here to get you into the stadium.

You might hear plenty of people talk about Customer Experience or CX but in Aileen’s world, she wants you to see the whole picture, the bigger picture.


This is where you change the game.

create a trusted brand

In 2021, brand trust is at an all time low according to multiple Brand Trust Index (BTI) results. You have to do very little to become a trusted brand and it is the best first step into creating a value driven brand.

improve customer loyalty

Globally it is found that loyal customers will spend between 67%-95% more than new customers. Create a strategy to look after them.

reduce marketing costs

It costs 5 x more to attract a new customer than it does to just look after the one's you have who will repay you by doing your marketing for you. Heard of social media? It's the new word of mouth and for business sake, you want in!

become a destination

When you work to create a value driven brand, you will find yourself becoming a destination brand. This means more lead generation, more conversion, more retention from your customers to your team. As we say, it's loyalty from the outside, in.

Choose the perfect plan

Aileen has several plans to suit your business when you’re serious about becoming a destination to work for, spend money with and be loyal to. Aileen has spent over 20+ years helping businesses such as Bunnings and Officeworks become ‘Australia’s Most Trusted Brands’ year after year and now she wants to help your business deliver a value driven brand just like the heavy hitters. Choose the Virtual CX GM plan that works best for you and click the ‘Make a Booking’ button to arrange a complimentary 30min consult from Aileen to iron out the rest of the particulars and help establish alignment between your needs and Aileen’s skills and values.




/ month




/ month




/ month


Aileen has spent nearly 5 years solely building her IP and experience to be able to deliver a unique approach to solving your business’s customer, employee and human experiences. If you find your business is falling foul to high employee or customer churn, poor lead generation, even poorer customer conversion, experiencing regular disruption and inconsistencies in the way you do business then applying to work with one of Australia’s leading CX experts could be the first step in getting your business out of the jam and on it’s way to becoming a value driven brand. Aileen’s signature system sees Aileen delve deep into your business from the outside in. It’s a journey, it’s a commitment that everyone needs to get on board with and the results can then speak for themselves. Lower marketing costs, higher customer satisfaction, improved team member culture, customised reporting and insights, a deeper understanding of your business’s value proposition and how to deliver it to your audience the way they need you to.  When you engage Aileen to consult on your business’s CEHX, you can be sure that there will be no other client in your category as Aileen has always been told by her Father, the first in is the best dressed. You’ll note that nothing worthwhile happens overnight so Aileen only offers her signature program in 6 monthly or 12 monthly plans. Choose the plan that works best for you and click the ‘Make a Booking’ button to arrange a complimentary 30min consult from Aileen to discuss your business and help establish alignment between your needs and Aileen’s skills and values.

On Demand Consulting



/ hour

Turn The Beat Around Program (6mths)




/ month

Signature CEHX Program (12mths)



/ month

One To One Mentoring

If you are a business owner, business leader or entrepreneur and you need that straight talking, no bullshit, high accountability support person in your life then you might consider applying to be mentored by Aileen Day.
Aileen offers various packages suitable for the novice to the advanced who needs to make some changes personally, mentally, physically or professionally. Supporting Aileen is a wealth of knowledge, experience in career building, leadership, small business, mental health and of course delivering a value driven brand which in this case, is you.
Apply today for your free 15min Zoom call to assess your needs and ensure a complimentary fit with Aileen’s no bullshit, but pure love and support approach. Aileen realises that developing ourselves is the first step to developing anything we want for our business or our life and is a recognised, paid expert by organisations, education providers and government bodies around Australia.

On Demand Mentoring



/ hour

BrandYou Mentoring (3mths)



/ week

BrandYou Mentoring



/ week

corporate planning days

There’s nothing overly sexy about a corporate planning day but with Aileen Day as your facilitator she will bring the CEHX-y and more helping your business to stop being left behind by the competition.
Aileen offers various packages suitable for your business with prices starting at $4,000 for a fully customised and engaged single planning day to an annual package with 4 x pre-purchased planning days. Start planning today to get your business firing in 2021! 
Apply today for your free 15min Zoom call to assess your needs and ensure a complimentary fit with Aileen’s no bullshit, high accountability and supportive approach to planning and brand success.

Facilitated Business
Planning Day




Annual Package -
Quarterly Facilitated Business Planning Days





About 18 months ago, Aileen started on a journey to kick her business into a new level. Now that sounds awesome but in reality she had been metaphorically sitting on her hands for 3 years and was no where near where she knew her potential could take her. Fast forward 12 months, 4 business accelerator programs, a desire to never go back to sitting on her hands (she’s part Greek, this literally hurts her heart), she has turned her business around. However, she knew that what she had learned was so brilliant that she cherry picked the best things about that 12 month experience, coupled it with her own 25 years business experience and compiled it together for other business owners just like her to learn from and create the change they need. With this, she created, the MOMENTUM Business Accelerator Group. 

This is an application only membership and it is created to drive all involved towards creating their own value driven brand and their own value driven life.

This is the MBA you really need

  • Single Membership (12 months)
    $18,467 upfront or $26,302 paid monthly
    Price includes taxes (G.S.T) and is $AUD. This membership is by application only and is renewed by invitation for any subsequent years.
  • Business Partners (12 months)
    $27,702 upfront or $38,782 paid monthly
    Price includes taxes (G.S.T) and is $AUD. This membership is by application only and is renewed by invitation for any subsequent years. Proof of business partnership is required.
  • Partnerships of Three or More (12 months)
    Price Upon Application
    Price includes taxes (G.S.T) and is $AUD. This membership is by application only and is renewed by invitation for any subsequent years. Proof of business partnerships is required.

create brand clarity

One of the biggest wins our members have all received from their membership is clarity. Not just brand clarity but personal clarity helping them all to find that spark they desired in their lives.

supportive network

The MOMENTUM Business Accelerator is still young and with that comes a close bond between the members where they hold space for everyone willing to get in and give things a crack. In this group like anything in life, you get out what you put in.

weekly mentoring

Your membership allows you regular access to one on one mentoring with Aileen as well as consistent weekly group meet ups helping to drive you and your goals to succession.

accountability & leadership

Aileen herself is a bi-product of a swift kick up the arse and is living proof that with the right people around you and the will to get shit done that anything is possible. If you can see it, you can do it with a bit of no bullshit leadership and team accountability.

learning and development

Development of our business and our selves is crucial for growth and to create a value driven life. From time to time, Aileen facilitates different business workshops and programs created to be purposeful in helping you create your own value driven brand. Sometimes that brand is your business, sometimes it is you. To be the first in the know of upcoming workshops and programs, you can subscribe to receive notifications either via email or SMS. Simply click the button and fill out a few details. Aileen will certainly not be spamming you or sending your details to any Nigerian Princes, this is her promise to you.  

What's On

let's talk about cehx

Have a conference or event coming up and you want your audience to learn a few things about CEHX? 

Then get in touch as Aileen Day will provide you with your bespoke speaking experience helping your team or conference audience to learn what a value driven brand looks and feels like when you get your CUSTOMER, EMPLOYEE and HUMAN EXPERIENCE priorities lined up.


Aileen’s high energy, low bullshit personality is a crowd favourite and with the additional options of facilitated workshops, mystery shopping and many more customisable ideas available to create a value driven experience  you’ll see why Aileen specialises in customer loyalty.

Fill out the contact form to book Aileen for your next event.

Frequently asked questions

To be industry agnostic simply means that Aileen has the skills and programs that allow her to work with many and possibly any industry as her ability comes in helping you find what serves your customers as she acts as the voice of your customer, not the industry expert.

In all honesty, no. There is no guarantee. Humans are fickle. New brands are constantly emerging and every day is a new challenge to rise to. What is guaranteed is that Aileen will instil all of her passion, knowledge, skills and influence to be there for you and your team to make those changes in your business that will help you be prepared to rise to each challenge should you put in the same dedication and commitment.

Over the years, Aileen has learnt a few things about her skill set and it’s uniqueness. This however came with some hard lessons. In this era of her career, she values highly the ability to ensure that her energy is allotted to those who are committed to change and aligned to her brand values. To do this it is necessary to ensure that your organisation and Aileen are a match to then become a positive force to be reckoned with.

As Aileen says, well that’s no problemo. Aileen is a fiend for social media (in a healthy way) and you can follow her from LinkedIn to TikTok to catch different content on each platform on a regular basis. Aileen creates content for the purpose of sharing insights, trends, a bit of personality and a general mechanism to stay in touch until you’re ready to work together. All social links are available in the Footer of this website.

Fantastic. If you have more questions, feel free to head over to the Home page and hit us up in the Get In Touch form. We will endeavour to respond more promptly than your teenage children playing on the PlayStation do when you ask them what they’d like for dinner.


Ainslee Hooper
I was referred to Aileen via a mutual friend. Aileen is friendly, knowledgeable and is a wealth of information. She provides a unique insight which demonstrates her extensive experience in the field. Would definitely recommend!
Ainslee Hooper
Accessability Consulting
Jeanette Saunders
Aileen from Meraki Business Solutions has given me the motivation and tools to begin my transition completely into my own business. I now have direction and focus and support from an industry leader and professional. Thankyou for helping me get started. I look forward to succeeding even more with your knowledge and guidance.
Jeanette Saunders
The Sweatshop Fitness and Nutrition
NailZ Van Diggele
Aileen has been exceptionally thorough, thoughtful and invaluable to the development of my business. I couldn't recommend Aileen's skills, experience and support highly enough.
NailZ Van Diggele
NailZ Van Diggele Tattoos
Nadine and Martin
We would like to say a big 'Thank You' to Aileen for her proactive approach in our business industry. Aileen has a world of knowledge in customer value add and experience. We truly appreciate her professionalism, honesty and 'backed up' by experience approach!
Nadine & Martin
Mega Thing Office Supplies

The mission behind creating ‘The Value Driven Brand’ is to help 10 million business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs globally to learn what it takes to strategically create their own value driven brand. Helping them to create rich human experiences with help from the humans who have done just that for themselves and those around them.

Brand Loyalty
Self Development

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