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In collaboration with successful business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world, we are here to help you learn how to deliver your own value driven brand so you can become the hero in your industry.  



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Aileen Day

The Value Driven Brand Podcast

The Value Driven Brand Podcast is hosted by business entrepreneur and CX thought leader, Aileen Day, CCXP. In every episode you will get the no bullshit, KISS tactics that her guests, all successful in business and delivering their own value driven brand prescribe to help you do just that for your brand.

Speaking Engagements

Aileen is an experienced interviewer, expert panellist and a developing keynote speaker on topics surrounding her passion for delivering value driven customer, employee and human experiences in business and in life. Her candid, humorous and ‘real talk’ approach to speaking makes her a crowd favourite all the while still teaching your audience a thing or two along the way in customer experience and acting as the voice of your customer.

Customer Experience Consulting and Personal Mentoring

With Aileen’s associates from her company, Aileen Day Advisory, your business is able to learn what it takes to deliver a customer, employee and human experience worthy of your customer’s loyalty. 

We call this #CEHX and it is how you deliver your own value driven brand.


Aileen Day's MOMENTUM Business Amplifier

If planning, execution, accountability and a supportive network are all things you need to get your business to where you know it could be, then you can apply to be considered to join Aileen Day’s MOMENTUM Business Amplifier Group. This private membership group is made up of business leaders and entrepreneurs from all manner of industries, all working together, mentored by Aileen to create their own value driven brand and start living a value driven life.

Meet Our Value Driven Brand Guests

The Value Driven Brand podcast was created with you in the front of our mind. You the business owner, you the busy person, you the valuer of change, you the entrepreneur, you the leader.

Our guests are all excellent examples of a value driven brand in their own ways and their one mission in joining Aileen on this podcast is to deliver bullshit free, tactical and real life advice on how you can achieve your own value driven brand.

David Fradin PIC August 2013 white - David Fradin

David Fradin

Author & Product Success Consultant

David Fradin is one of Silicon Valley's OG tech experts. He joins Aileen Day to discuss what organisations are missing when it comes to innovation and creating products that are built to succeed. Teaching organisations such as CISCO how to do it right and now he teaches us too.

Ryan Warriner HS

Ryan Warriner

Founder, Professional Presentation Services

Ryan Warriner is a Professor of Communication and passionate about helping professionals create impact by learning and mastering ways to communicate and present content in a meaningful and positive way. He discusses with Aileen how the way we communicate can create a value driven brand.

Terry McDougall Headshot

Terry B. McDougall

Founder, Terry McDougall Exec. Coaching

Terry McDougall is a best selling Author and Executive Career Coach has helped people all over the world get unstuck and find purpose and passion in their lives. Because of her experience, we get to learn what Terry believes makes a value driven brand and a value driven life.


Aileen Day

The Value Driven Brand Podcast Host

Aileen comes from a long career in doing what it takes to deliver a value driven brand from leading the Customer Service teams nationally for Bunnings and Officeworks to running her own business and helping countless others to create a brand that is worthy of their customer's loyalty.

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The mission behind creating ‘The Value Driven Brand’ is to help 10 million business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs globally to learn what it takes to strategically create their own value driven brand. Helping them to create rich human experiences with help from the humans who have done just that for themselves and those around them.

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