The Value Driven Brand Podcast Series

want to get more insight into how you can build your own value driven brand?

Aileen has created more value for our listeners and has a special 3 part podcast series and quiz especially to help kick start your business into building your own value driven brand. To get your hands on it, we just need a few small details which won’t be sold to Nigerian Prince’s, this is our solemn promise because that’s not how you build value now is it 😉

Customer Loyalty and Retention: Why MOST businesses get it wrong (and what to do instead).

What does it mean to be a value driven brand and how you can become the sought-after leader in your industry.

Current customer experience trends and strategies that can drive loyalty, retention and sales.

The bonus material in this series is a personal quiz to help you reflect and rate your performance on the key aspects and attributes of building your own value driven brand.

Crunch The Numbers

As much as human experiences matter some of us like to see the numbers. 

So, here we GROW.

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The Value Driven Brand Podcast is a resource made to help you learn the tactical tips to create your own value driven brand.

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The Value Driven Brand Podcast is packed full of magnificent humans who are successful in delivering their own value driven brand. They come here to help you do the same.

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What some of you think about The Value Driven Brand Podcast...

The Value Driven Brand Podcast is the best podcast I've ever created. I'd highly recommend subscribing to it!
Aileen Day
Podcast Founder
Kris Robinson
I've had the pleasure of being on Aileen's live Twitch talk show. Listening to Aileen on her new podcast, The Value Driven Brand, Aileen takes it to another level to bring out the realness & rawness in her guests. She asks the important heart centred questions to bring value to every listener and she holds space with her guests which allows them to shine.
Kris Robinson

The mission behind creating ‘The Value Driven Brand’ is to help 10 million business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs globally to learn what it takes to strategically create their own value driven brand. Helping them to create rich human experiences with help from the humans who have done just that for themselves and those around them.

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